Thursday, July 26, 2007

Only one struggles on

On July 22 2007, Lucia Rae Morrison, of Minneapolis MN, died after struggling to live for more than a month. Her brother Sylas remains in critical condition, fighting to live as his 5 brothers and sisters had done since their birth.

The Morrison's tried for only one year to get pregnant before they turned to medical science and fertility drugs. When they found that they were expecting six infants, they say they chose to place the decision in "God's hands". That choice now leaves them with one child who is still in critical condition after having been born 4 1/2 months early and 5 who have suffered the minute to minute struggle to live before their deaths.

Sylas may beat the very high odds against him and survive but I have to wonder at what expense. I would have expected medical professionals to have counseled the Morrisons extensively at the risks they faced. The very fact that they were only 24 years-old and had only tried for a year to get pregnant leads me to question why doctors would seemly cave into the "I need it now" philosophy. Have some in the medical profession chosen to give patients exactly what they want with little regard for the very real consequences.

As sad as the results of this have been so far, I can only hope that it may lead some to use more caution when a couple that young feel the "need" to be parents. I do feel that they would have gotten pregnant naturally, if that indeed were "God's will". There were many options available to the Morrisons if being a parent was such a need...... choices that would not have caused the suffering, heartache and expense this choice has.

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