Monday, July 2, 2007

Ignorance of youth

A Seattle man and his girl friend began the month of June 2007, exposed to the damage ignorance of life experience can do. Being stopped by a Washington State trooper only added to that exposure.

State trooper Jeff Merrill observed a sport utility vehicle on Interstate 90, near Bellevue WA, driving at unusual speeds and drifting between the lanes. Before he pulled it over he said it was sometimes speeding up and then slowing down to well below the posted speed limit.

Merrill stopped the vehicle and upon approaching it, noticed that both the 19 year old driver and his 20 year old passenger were naked. The woman began trying to hide alcohol containers and did try to cover up the naked truth with a shirt. The driver though made no effort to cover up the "truth" until directed to do so by Merrill.

He submitted to field sobriety tests which he didn't pass and was arrested for DUI and "embracing while driving", a misdemeanor. The woman was charged for being a minor in possession of alcohol. The woman had stated the nature of the "embracing while driving" as her having been performing oral sex on the driver at various highway speeds.

A few things that experience and age could have given this couple in allowing them to escape the added exposure of an arrest. Those might have been........ don't drink and drive, you don't have to be nude in the car-"embracing" can be accomplished while clothed, parking the SUV and lastly, cruise control is a wonderful invention.

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Karen said...

"embracing while driving" is only a misdemeanor? Really? Wow... that cop lied to me! But then after he made me show him exactly what I had been doing...