Monday, July 9, 2007

How many?

I'm sure we have all heard of the various programs set up in the past..... you bring us what we want, we give you a "prize". They have included, turning in a gun for a coupon at the police department, paying off your traffic ticket with a toy around the holidays, cars for a tax write-off and the basic, cash for information.

Andy Adames, the owner of Senor Pancho's in Prospect CT has another to add to the mix. At around 1:30 am, June 26 2007, the security camera at his restaurant caught the image of the man who broke in. He is described as having a shaved head and a large tattoo on one arm. He smashed in a side door with a rock, stole a cash register drawer of money and tried to remove a computer cash register.

It isn't so much the cash that was stolen that had Adames and part owner, Marisa Daddona, create the unique reward. The man unplugged a powerline that shut down two full freezers and by the time they arrived in the morning, all the food was spoiled. Daddona estimates that they lost $5,000 because of the break-in.

They are offering 500 tacos for tips that will lead to the arrest of the man who broke in. Adames has said that he was inspired by a marketing class to make the edible reward.

"We're just using some humor to get some feedback," stated Daddona.
They have suggested that, you can just plan on having a Mexican Fiesta with the reward. A fiesta? That's 100 friends at 5 tacos apiece.... even if i offered to hang a pinata out back, hired a mariachi band and dragged out those steel-headed lawn jarts, I am sure I'd have leftovers.

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