Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This isn't "Groundhog Day II" ?

The answer to that question probably came as a huge surpize to Adam Lundgren, 42, of Missoula MO this past June. Monday June 11th probably felt very much like that to him.

At 5pm, he was arrested by Missoula Police Officer Cody Lanier, after being spotted driving erratically in Missoula. He was cited for drunken driving and later released to a sober friend. According to court documents, Lundgren jumped into a friend's car and returned to Missoula to continue to drink. That may have made sense to someone already under the influence or he may have forgotten his very recent arrest there.

Around 10 pm, while still driving his friend's car, Lundgren drove into a railing on the Higgins Avenue Bridge. A few brain cells had to still be functioning, maybe, because he left the car and attempted to flee the scene. Witnesses though, held him until police could arrive.

Officer Lanier arrived at the scene and recognized Lundgren as the man he had arrested just 5 hours before on his shift. This time he cited Lundgren for running a stop sign, reckless driving and yes, again........ drunken driving. Again Lundgren visited the police station and this time, was released after posting a $700 dollar bond.

It's a pretty easy guess to figure out what Lundgren has spent the time between his arrests and his court appearance on the 15th doing. He showed up for that hearing, you guessed it, drunk and was promptly sped past "go", didn't " collect $200" and was shown the inside of a jail cell. Lundgren may have been too drunk to remember the events but I'm guessing Officer Lanier may have felt he was stuck inside a remake of that movie.

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