Friday, July 6, 2007

Fore or three?

Monday June 25 2007, it seems that bogies and sand traps weren't drawing the most attention at Cherry Valley Golf Course, Stroudsburg PA. Stroudsburg Area Regional Police were called to the course to investigate a private golf outing held there, after Dave Gold, 20, and a 17 year-old female were denied access to the road shared by the course and his friend Will Croasdale's, 19, house.

Gold said he was told that the road was closed because of a private golf tournament by an employee of the course. It was after that, Gold and Croasdale began to shoot still photos and video they claim, while they were still standing on the public road. Their subjects also seem to be the subject of several golfers from what the men observed.

"They had stations around the course, with lawn chairs and blankets laid out," said Croasdale.

I'm not sure what the handicap is when the featured "hazards" included partially clothed women performing lap dances for golfers, threesomes and sex acts between the women. I am very sure that it was not the topic of whatever discussions went on in the clubhouse after the SARP officers arrived to investigate.

Gene Percudani, the course owner, a woman who identified herself as in charge of the dancers and customers of CR Fannys Gentleman's Club in Wilson and Marshall Anders, Percudani's local attorney all met within the clubhouse with officers. It was shortly afterwards that guests were observed leaving in a stretch limo and charter bus.

"It's not clear whether any laws were broken," said SARP officer Paul Gasper.
Neighbors have said that this isn't the first time the course has had private parties and resident Red Featherman expressed distinct unhappiness. His granddaughter rides her bike in the woods of his property that borders the course and he didn't want her exposed to those kinds of activities. The officers have said that there is an ongoing investigation into the antics.

I think I now have a better understanding of what "working the course" means. It also explains how a game consisting of chasing a ball around in the grass can be so darn popular at times.

Update: posted July 6

Well, it seems that they are digging in for a long and "graphic" battle near the Cherry Valley Golf Course. Monday morning, between 10:58 am and 11:11 am, a surveillance camera trained on Ben Croasdale's driveway caught course owner Gene Perdudani doing a bit of roadwork.

Croasdale has claimed that he has access rights to the road from his driveway, a claim Ed Cramer, Stroud Township supervisor, agrees with. His new video doesn't show scantily clad women, it shows Perdudani operating a tractor and digging a trench across the driveway. His driveway is now blocked by the dirt piled from the seemingly, needless ditch.

Police have said that it is a civil matter after they visited Croasdale's home three times and they won't pursue it. Both men claim ownership of the property. There was no comment from Perdudani or his lawyer and Croasdale has stated he will pursue this issue all the way to a judge.

The ditch is said to have no purpose, at least that is the claim from Croasdale. Who really knows at this time, maybe he was searching for lost golfballs.

Video can be found here.

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Karen said...

I've been to that golf course! For a company event no less...but we didn't have any dancers. A million dollar hole, but no one got the hole-in-one.