Saturday, July 7, 2007

Welcome back

John Mark Karr, the bogus killer of JonBenet Ramsey, once again has landed himself in jail. Sandy Springs GA police received a 911 call from his father's house late Friday night, July 6, about a domestic argument.

The argument was between Karr, his girlfriend and his father and Karr was arrrested shortly after midnight. He was charged with battery and obstruction and taken to a local hospital after he complained of chest pains. Late Saturday morning though, Karr was in jail and police aren't releasing any other information at this time, stated Sandy Springs police Lt Steve Rose.

Karr confessed last summer to the decade-old Ramsey killing, was arrested in Thailand and returned to the U S in quite the high style. He was freed after authorities were unable to corroborate his detailed claims or even find a solid link to his being in Boulder CO at the time of the killing.

I grant that this is a minor charge in comparison, but I have to guess that maybe this time the authorities will treat Karr to the "standard" perp fare and not the first-class wine and dine affair he received last time.

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