Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make sure mine's well done

Friday night, July 13 2007, Linda Rhodes, and her son John Jennings apprehended an alleged child rapist in Garland TX. Her method may have been unusual, but it definately seemed to work.

Jennings was barbequeing chicken when he heard a 7 year-old boy calling for help. He said he saw the suspect, Deshuan Ridge, 17, on top of the child, allegedly raping the boy. Linda and her son John went to the boy's rescue..... she stabbed him with a barbeque fork, her son, John, punched Ridge in the face when he stood up and then they "went fighting."

"I stuck him in the butt," Linda told MyFOXdfw.com.

Rhodes called police and then jumped into the fight to help her son apprehend and hold the Ridge until police arrived. Joe Harn, spokesman for the Garland Police, stated that both these people were citizens that jumped in and did a good deed. He felt that they were heroes for acting as they had.

I can only hope that they remain heroes and not end up in court defending themselves in a lawsuit over Ridge's alleged injuries as a result of this.

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