Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Get me to the church on time......

Dave Barclay's best friend e-mailed him earlier this year to let him know the happy news.. His friend, Dave Best, was getting married on July 6th according to the note.

Barclay, a Toronto teacher, saved his money and booked a flight from Toronto, Canada to Wales for $1,015. When he landed in Cardiff, he contacted his friend Best, to find out the details of the venue and it was then that he found out...... he was a tad early for the wedding.

"I am a year early -- yeah, my mates are loving it aren't they," he told the BBC Radio Wales.

It seems that Barclay assumed that when his friend said that it would be July 6th, that meant it was this year. He has since found out that it will definately be held on July 6 2008. Barclay has been assured though, he will definately get a mention in the speech next year.

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