Monday, July 23, 2007

Quick, turn here.....

It seems that in any "hot pursuit", there are the so many choices to make to try and evade the police. On July 6 2007, two escaping suspects definately took the wrong turn.

George Davis, 47, of Hartford CT and Guy Anthony Williams, 50, of East Hartford CT were running from the law after allegedly robbing a hotel at gunpoint in Cheshire CT. They made their getaway with cash and a laptop computer but it seems that Mapquest would have helped them immensely. During the police chase, they took a turn that they must have believed was a shortcut. It was, it just wasn't the one they probably had been hoping for.

Their shortcut turned out to be a turn directly into the Cheshire Police Department's dead-end parking lot. The passenger was taken into custody at the scene, while the driver, who tried to escape, was found hiding in a nearby wooded area.

Davis and Williams were both charged with robbery, larceny, conspiracy, larceny by possession, and possession of a pistol. Davis, the driver, was also charged with driving with a suspended license and both were schedualed to appear in Meridan Superior Court on July 9th. The pistol turned out to be a toy gun and I think at this point, both men wish they had brought a map with an escape route carefully marked on it.

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