Friday, July 20, 2007

I think I parked over there

In another example of how careful planning before a crime, can prevent those embaressing moments you will have time to explain, later on the cellblock. Anthony J Madonna, 26, of Hasbrouck NJ, evidently may have just gave himself that chance.

"Thank God for dopey burgelars. It's a good thing that we got this guy," stated Police Chief Ralph Verdi.

Madonna, according to reports, first tried to break into an Ann St home in Little Ferry NJ at about 11:10 am July 12 2007. He was stopped when he was confronted at the door by the owner, who promptly called the police. Madonna made his way over to Mariani Dr and after trying a few doors, finally opened the rear door of one of the houses there.

In the meantime, police responded to the Ann St address and while they were there, a neighbor remarked that a silver Volkswagon parked there, didn't belong. Not only was that Madonna's car but it was in violation of ten seperate motor vehicle summonses. At that point, the car was towed and impounded.

At noon, Madonna was spotted back on Ann St looking for his now towed car. Police arrested him around 12:18 pm with a stolen backpack filled with coins, gold, cash and jewelry. Madonna confessed to counts of attempted burglary, burglary and stolen property and he was arraigned by the municipal judge.

I am sure that he will have a few weeks to tell his new "buddies" in the pen how a get-away car is just that, to get away in.

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