Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aim high

It seems that a loaded gun really is a dangerous item to handle. In Kokomo Indiana recently, Derrick Kosh, 25, found that to be true while robbing a convenience store.

He entered the Village Pantry on Tuesday morning with a gun and demanded money and a pack of cigarettes. While the clerk was turned to get to smokes for him, she heard his gun go off. Police state that they could see the discharge on suveillance cameras, as Kosh tucked his gun into his waistband.

They added that they found him a short time later, at home with a gunshot wound to his right testicle and lower left leg. Kosh was expected to have surgery at a hospital and be charged with armed robbery.

Carlos Tabor, 36, found that out as well recently as he was driving to a New York City shooting range. Tabor works at one of the jails on Riker's Island and has worked for the Department of Corrections for nearly three years and should be well versed in handling guns.

It seems though, while driving himself to the Bronx NY firing range Tueday afternoon, his gun discharged and he was shot in the left leg. Tabor as well was treated at the hospital for a non life-threatening injury.

It seems that aiming high would be a good course of action to take when handling a gun...... it may prevent leg injuries and in the case of Kosh, that new unbalenced feeling he may have now.

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