Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cheap trade

"As for my information, I'm gonna need a nice warm-up suit and a pair of white tops, OK?" stated Green.

His wife Sandra, described her husband as "a very good cop" who left a hospital orderly job to join the NYPD about 11 years ago because he wanted to help people. Sgt Roosevelt Green evidently did just that in recent years, while working for the NYPD..

Green was arraigned in a federal court Friday on charges of making false statments to investigators and unlawfully using a computer. Wiretaps had captured Green discussing a license-plate scheme with the alleged leader of a Wyandanch crack cocaine ring. The investigators state that he had been using the NYPD computer to check the license plates of cars the alleged drug dealer thought were following him.

Some of the plates that Green checked were on undercover Drug Enforcement Administration vehicles that were keeping an eye on the accused dealer. He was arrested in a May 2007 raid that picked up a dozen suspects who now have drug charges against them pending.

Green claims that he paid for the clothing he received from the accused dealer and that he neither gave him information or received the clothes for free. Authorities state that he has been suspended without pay and if convicted, he could face up to 10 years in jail.

If he was willing to risk his job for so little......... a track suit and sneakers, I have to wonder what he would have done if he had been offered a new SUV? Given them the keys to the police station, maybe? I guess his wife was correct in stating that he wanted to be a cop to "help" people as well.

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