Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hot pants

"Clearly it depends on what size you are - but I don't want to go there," stated a spokesman for the Cleveland Fire Brigade.

Last Sunday it seems that larger was certainly better in the case of a kitchen fire. John Marsey and his cousin Darren Lines were frying bread in Jenny Marsey's Hartlepool England kitchen when the pan caught fire. Darren's quick actions saved the kitchen but definately put his aunt in the news.

Lines grabbed the first thing he found in his aunt's laundry basket and ran it under the faucet to wet it. He then tossed it onto the fire to smother it on the stove. An official from the fire department stated that it is sound thinking to smother a grease fire whenever possible with a large wet cloth.

Marsay agreed as well, stating that she was thankful for the boys quick thinking. The small grease fire could certainly led to a much greater fire and danger to them all. As for the wet cloth, nothing was stated about the condition of Marsay's powder blue, size XL underpants that saved the day.

That does leave me a bit curious as to how large XL really is and what may have happened if they had been thongs he grabbed first.


Karen said...

Oh no... Grandma thongs! That's not an image I really need!

I hope you're well!

Val said...

:) doing well & back to finding all the news and images you crave and need.... think of it...... XL grandma thongs? kinda sticks in your mind huh?