Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some kind of day

Some days are very good ones, others the deck seems to be stacked against you. Last Friday was certainly one of the latter for a New York family.

Dr. Herman Weiss, 37, of West Hempstead NY awoke around 3 am to the sound of smoke alarms and flames climbing up the outside wall of his Long Island home. The obstetrician managed to get his wife and six children to safety and then was paged.

Weiss went to the hospital and delivered an infant at around 6 am that morning. His day didn't stop there though, building inspectors were out to his home to study it and ended up citing him for discrepencies. The family had been living in the home that didn't have a certificate of occupency and there was a discrepency in the plumbing plans.

According to Weiss, they had hired a lawyer to handle the certificate and get one. To add to his already rough day, they have been ordered to tear down the home now and Weiss hopes that they will be able to rebuild on the same lot.

Some days certainly just aren't your best day................ and maybe there are a few days when you just wish it had been skipped on the calender.

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