Saturday, January 5, 2008

and the golden potato goes to.......

This past week, one more of our nation's important competitions took place in New York City, NY. The ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Competition was held at the ESPN Zone restaraunt in Times Square and the victor was crowned after a mere 29 hours.

Stan Friedman, a Manhattan librarian outlasted his three rivals to take home the coveted prize. All four of them were seated in recliners in front of dozens of televisions to watch continuous sports programs and allowed to order anything to eat or drink. They weren't allowed to sleep or run to the potty except during their allotted breaks every eight hours.

Friedman won after Nate Lopez dashed off to the bathroom before their break and for that, he was awarded a $5,000 prize package that included a recliner, a huge TV and a trophy with a potato on it. Since he only has a 350 square foot apartment, he is going to have a tough time fitting the TV in but he stated that he would make certain he would find the space for the recliner.

I am not sure that I would call 29 hours of non-stop TV grueling............. I bet there are a few mothers who would find that a rather easy thing to pull off in comparison to their grueling daily scheduales.

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