Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kitty vacation?

"Hi, you're not going to believe this, but I am calling from Fort Worth Texas and I accidently picked up your luggage," stated Rob Carter.

Kelly Levy, 24 of Palm Beach Gardens FL dropped her husband and his bag off at the airport and when she returned home, she found the bottom step empty. Her ten month-old cat, Gracie Mae usually sat there waiting for her.

Levy tore apart her home looking for the cat and when she didn't find her, posted "lost cat" signs over the neighborhood. She even had her father remove some bathroom tiles and part of a cabinet to check a crawl space for Gracie Mae.

Tuesday, she received the odd phone call from Rob Carter about her husband's luggage that he had accidently picked up as his own and taken home. He told Levy that when he opened the bag and saw the clothes, he knew it wasn't his bag. Before he could close it though, a kitten jumped out of it and ran under the bed.

Carter, of Fort Worth TX, added that he screamed like a girl when it happened but he eventually got the cat to come out from under the bed. He found Levy's number on her collar and called her to let her know he not only had the bag, but he had their cat as well.

Gracie Mae evidently snuck into the bag when they were packing, went through the x-ray machine, was loaded onto the airplane, thrown onto a baggage claim conveyor belt and was carted to a new home accidently. Carter stated that he would have kept her if he hadn't found her home. Gracie Mae was delivered home though, safe and sound by Carter after another 1,300 miles and an $80 ticket.

It would seem that our "improved" luggage handling at the airports missed a stowaway cat but fortunately for Gracie, she was claimed by someone who cared enough to make sure she returned safely. No word was stated as to whether the Levy's were just as excited to get the clothes back as well.

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