Monday, January 7, 2008

They'll never notice....

When it came to a recent arrest made by the Lakehurst NJ police this past Saturday, the officers didn't have to travel all that far it seems. It began with the sharp nose of an officer who was leaving work to head home early.

Sargent Ronald Heinzman asked some other officers to come outside and take a whiff according to authorities. He had thought that he smelled the distinct odor of marijuana while outside in the police parking lot. Police state that they not only smelled the offending smoke but they overheard a conversation that mentioned the irony of smoking pot next door to a police station.

Officers then proceeded to the house on the other side of the chain-link fence and knocked on the door. At that point it seems, Benjamin Gordon, 18, of Farmville VA was arrested.......for being a bit too blatent in his pot smoking that night. The irony may be that Gordon's friends wouldn't have to go too far to bail him out that night either.

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