Friday, January 25, 2008

"Green" getaway

"That just wasn't too bright," stated Sandy Springs police Lt Steve Rose.

It seems that the woman who went into a bank shortly after 1 pm Wednesday in Sandy Springs GA, hadn't thought out her robbery plan completely. She may also have planned on helping the environment while helping herself to some "free" cash.

Channel Monae Gaskin, 22, entered the bank and demanded money but didn't show a weapon there. She was given a bag of cash and authorites state, she ran across the street into a restaurant parking lot. While she was there, you probably have guessed, a dye bomb exploded and she and the money was sprayed with orange colored ink.

Thinking quickly, she ran from the restaurant parking lot and tried to stash the dye-stained clothes and money in a bathroom at a nearby grocery store. Lt Rose stated that she apparently managed to change her clothes as well and then went to the bus stop behind the grocery store.

Gaskin was arrested while she was waiting for the bus there and was taken to the Fulton County jail after she was charged with robbery. While many probably are scratching their heads as to why she would think public transportation is a great idea for a getaway car, Gaskin had a good answer.............. she admitted that she had robbed a bank on Jan 15 in DeKalb County and made her escape on the bus then as well.

Gaskin certainly does seem to believe the advertisment....... "Leave the driving to us."

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