Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's no bull.....

"My client did step over the line here, but one can certainly understand his frustration, given that the victim was carrying on an affair with my client's wife," stated Hiles.

It seems that Jason Michael Fife, 31, of Hunker PA has discovered that in a civilized society, his method of "warning off" his wife's lover wasn't the best of choices. He began with threatening words and pictures but his action in June 2006 was what sent police to his doorstep.

Authorities in Lower Pottsgrove PA state that Fife had been sending threatening messages and pictures to his wife's lover from May through September 2006. In June 2006, he found a bloody package on his doorstep and police traced it back to Fife.

He had purchased a cow's head at a butcher shop, telling them that he wanted to dry the skull and use it as a decoration. Instead, he froze it to hide the packages contents from the delivery company and sent it out as a much bolder threat to the man. The package arrived on his doorstep frozen but a day in the warm sun left it a bloody mess.

Police tracked both the package and e-mails to Fife and he was arrested on charges of terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, harrasment and stalking. This past Friday he was sentenced to a first time offenders program in which he must serve two years probation and do 50 hours of community service. If he is successful, his record will be cleared of the charges.

The message evidently must have worked in some way..... Fife realizes he went a bit too far in warning off his competitor and he and his wife have also reconciled. No word was said as to where that leaves the former lover in this love triangle, although I bet he is glad the package had been sitting on the porch and not in his bed.

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Karen said...

Wait- the cow was found in June, but the messages and pictures were sent through Sept. What made June so special; why did he keep sending the rest; and what finally made him stop????

My family is from PA, so I can say this- they're crazy out there!