Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's no dud

A museum in Cumberland MD, which is a chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, recently found that they had more that what they planned on displaying. They notified the Allegany County authorities when they suspected trouble on Wednesday.

It seems that the 48 inch by 2.75 inch Mark 1 rocket they were displaying may not have been a dud. The rocket that is similar to the ones used on helicopter gun ships during the Vietnam War had been donated by a local veteran.

The Maryland State Fire Marshall's office and the FBI confirmed that their "dud" rocket was far from that. It was found to be very alive and it was removed and rendered safe. They are now investigating how the man came to possess the live ordinance.

Maybe I am a bit odd in my thinking but I would expect that a Veterans museum would have at least someone on staff that was capable of determining if a rocket that size was "safe" to display.............. long before it was put on exhibit.

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