Monday, January 28, 2008

Take anything but her.....

"There was an heirloom ring in the apartment, a camera and family silver. But they took the one thing that's most precious to me," stated Willke.

Wednesday evening, Pam Willke returned to her Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY apartment to find the front door ajar. What she found inside was even worse than she could have imagined.

Her belongings were strewn all over the two bedroom apartment after the criminals broke in through a rear window. They had rifled through her jewelry and personal documents but evidently chose to steal something even more valuable to her.

The break-in took place between 9 am and 7 pm while Willke, 47, a senior administrative assistant, was at work. They stole a bright yellow dog crate from the 16th St apartment as well as Willke's 8 year old Maltese named Samantha. Contractors working in an apartment next door stated that they didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary during the day.

Willke has plastered the neighborhood with posters of Samantha and has offered a reward for her return but so far, no one has come forward. The police are investigating the break-in as well as the theft of Samantha and have stated that they believe it is an isolated case. They added that they don't know yet if stealing the Maltese was the only reason they broke in.

On October 26 2007 though, Molly the Boston Terrier was snatched from outside a Brooklyn NY laundry. Stacey Grant was able to get Molly back though, only after she paid the reward money to several men who sounded as though they had stolen her just to ransom her for money. Unfortunately, it sems that the officers haven't looked far enough back in their records to find a link to stolen daogs and a "need" for cash it seems.

One can only hope that Samantha is unharmed and will be returned out of the goodness of someone's heart and not in a theft for cash plan.

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