Monday, January 14, 2008

They did it in the movie....

Once again someone has proven that what may have looked pretty cool on film or in their mind, wasn't exactly that. The unknown man in Hollywood CA last night was the latest to prove this point it seems.

Authorities state that he had attempted to slide down the banister of an escalator when he lost his balence. That wouldn't have been too serious a mistake if he had fallen back onto the escalator. He fell instead several stories down to another escalator and died.

Police quote his friends as saying that the man had been drinking "quite a bit." The mall is in the same complex as the Kodak Theatre, which holds the Academy Awards.

The police haven't released the name of the man yet. I am sure that he won't be winning any awards for his attempt to banister slide but maybe he can discourage someone else from deciding to let the drink decide how to look cool for your friends.

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