Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At least he has been consistant

Timothy Wade Pinkston, 47, may be considered mentally ill and homeless but he does seem to be a bit consistant. Secret Service agents were called out to the psychiatric unit of St Joseph's Hospital in Tampa FL to interview him there recently.

Pinkston had been brought there on an involuntary commitment order and while he was there, he told the hospital staff that he planned to go to Washington to shoot the president. He repeated the same threat to the agents who arrived there. According to the affidavit filed by the Secret Service in U S District Court, Pinkston stated that he didn't like the president's foreign policy or his handling of the war in Iraq.

The agents also stated in the affidavit, that Pinkston had previously been charged with threatening the president in 1991 and had also sent threatening letters to the governor of Georgia. This past Friday, Pinkston was again charged with threatening the president, a federal crime.

I do have to wonder, just how mentally ill Pinkston is.......... it seems that he is consistant in disliking the current president and at least it isn't because he thinks Bush is a "little green man from Mars."

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