Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a goner

There are choices as a homeowner, doing it yourself, hiring a professional or just letting it go to weeds. Danny Fendley of Johns Creek GA may now wish he had made a better choice after Tuesday, August 14 2007.

Like so many "urban lawnrangers", he was attempting to start his lawnmower at his two-story brick home in the Breckenridge subdivision near Old Alabama Highway. He stated that he was in the garage, yanking away on the cord and the lawnmower was doing it's best to not have to start and work. He removed the mower's sparkplug to check it, replaced it and then stood over the mower, ready for another try.

"Poof! Flames just flared up at me," stated Danny in describing what was his final pull.

He then ran inside to find something to put the fire out with and tell his wife Sabrina. When he got back to the garage, it had spread too far for him to stop. Danny struggled on, trying to put out the fire and his wife Sabrina helped......... by trying to heave a can of gas out the window and away from the growing flames.

I say try, because she missed the window and gas went everywhere. Within 60 seconds they say, the house was engulfed with flames. At some point then, Danny realized that his clothes were on fire and fortunately, his wife's aim was better this time. She used the extinguisher on him and put out the flames.

It was then time to make the very quick exit from the housefire. The Fendley's escaped and managed to save their two cats as well without receiving serious injuries but the house........

"It's a goner. There's not even one brick standing," stated Fulton County Fire Lt Gregory Chambers.

The suggestion of hiring a professional might be a good one, at their next house.

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