Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's toast

On Friday, July 13 2007, it was reported missing from outside the store in Greer SC. The police received a detailed description: it was 4 feet tall, 6 feet wide and weighed approximately 200 lbs.

The "Bloomberry" muffin had been constructed two years before as part of an advertising campaign and had been stolen from outside a Bloom grocery store that night. Lt Chris Varner stated that during the investigation of the theft, they had checked the surveillance video from the Bloom store and they had also received an anonymous tip as to its location.

"We're very disappointed that it wasn't recovered intact, but the mystery is solved," stated Karen Peterson, spokeswoman for Lion LLC, which owns Bloom.

The "Bloomberry" muffin was located finally on August 8 2007 but according to the police press release, it had been burned beyond recognition. Varner stated that they had investigated some vehicles, located some kids in similar vehicles and finally, one juvenile told police he knew where the muffin was.

Police have said that they will continue to interview the suspects who confessed that they thought it was a cute thing to steal the muffin. For lack of anything else to do some stated, they stole the muffin and that night, poured gasoline on it and burned it.

The suspects are all juveniles so the police will not release any names but they will continue to investigate because the muffin, valued at $4,500, could lead to grand larceny charges. Bloom has stated that they will not press charges against those responsible and if the anonymous tipster does come forward, they will receive the $300 reward and Bloom will donate $300 to the Loaves and Fishes food bank as well.

Peterson said that Bloom is hoping to replace their signature muffin, since it was a unique marketing tool. She also stated that nothing ever could replace the original.

The police are fairly certain that the remains found are what is left of the giant Bloomberry but it will have to remain an educated guess since DNA testing is not an option on it. I'm wondering if they will put a call in for the "Muffin Man" as an expert witness.

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