Sunday, August 19, 2007

High stylin'

Some people choose to walk, others drive, a few choose some rather unique modes of transportation. Evonne D Maurice, 22, of Westbrook CT chose to go in high style it seems.

Maurice hired a limo in December 2006 to take her to T F Greene Airport in Warwick RI. While they were on the way there, she mentioned that she had missed her flight and told the driver that they needed to go to a bank. She claimed that she wouldn't have enough to pay the driver unless she could withdraw some money there.

The driver drove her up to the drive-up window of a Citizens Bank branch while they were in Rhode Island. She exited the limo and walked up to the drive-up window and handed the teller a note. Her note demanded the teller give her money and that there were bombs hidden in the bank. Unfortunately for Maurice, the teller triggered an alarm and she ended up heading back to the limo with no cash. The driver of the limo didn't know what she had done though.

Maurice was arrested in Tampa FL last year and pleaded guilty in May to the botched robbery of the bank. U S District Judge Mary Lisi sentenced Maurice on August 10 2007 to three years and one month in prison and I bet she isn't looking at a limo ride to jail either.

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