Wednesday, August 22, 2007

King of more than the sidewalks now

Louis Marx toys introduced the nation to the "Big Wheel" children's tricycle in 1969 and soon, competitors were offering their own version of the "sidewalk master." The familiar roll of plastic on concrete could be heard throughout neighborhoods for more than three decades. It was believed to have died out with the introduction of slicker, battery operated sidewalk monsters but it has returned to roll again.

Now I have discovered that those kids who enjoyed the thrill of owning the sidewalk all those years ago, have fashioned their own sport involving them. Yes, you heard me correctly.... adults riding "Big Wheels." These modified tricycles aren't a recumbant bicycle but are a quicker, longer lasting, road hugging, adult sized version of the thrills and chills the "Big Wheels" brought as one flew down the largest hill you could find nearby.

It seems that, if there is a steep road on a huge hill...... someone will find a way to enjoy the terror of running full-bore down it.

For a chilling view of what a "grown-up" can do with a Big Wheel, go here.

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