Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Someone has to stop him......

Nearly fifty years ago, Mark Alton's father hired Michael Molnar as an architectural draftsman. After Molnar applied for a PA state architectural license in 1960, he opened his own in Uniontown PA.

Alton complained in 2004 to the Architects Licensure Board, accusing Molnar of misrepresenting his college career in Hungary. He cited a statement from a college in Budapest that stated that there were no records of Molnar studying there. Molnar stated that the reason there was no record was that Hungary's communist government would not grant him a diploma after he completed his four years of education and his thesis.

In November 2006, the Commonwealth Court upheld the Board's dismissal of Altman's complaint against Molnar. Now this may seem like a simple case of a son being upset with a former employee and now rival, having a competing office. It may very well be just that but Altmon is determined to find a way for Molnar's license to be revoked. John Gismondi, a Pittsburg attorney, has stated that Altman will have to prove to the court that the case could have future reprecussions on state licensing practices for his lawsuit to be heard by the Supreme Court.

"If the goal of the litigation is to stop Mike Molnar from practicing architecture, the good Lord has done that by taking him to the other side," stated Gismondi.

That is correct, Molnar died in May at age 77 and unless I am mistaken...... he isn't going to be building anything for a very long time.

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