Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A million and one uses now

He knew something was not quite right when he watched the man climb over a rail that runs the length of the store parking lot. When Bill Steele, Shamrock general manager, first thought the duct tape covered man was Tony Artrip, the convicted bank robber who has been on the run since escaping in June from a nothern Kentucky jail.

Steel, who had just returned from a bank run, watched as the man started walking down the sidewalk, in plain view of numerous people driving by. He then decided that this probably wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Steel stated that one of the first things he did when he went into the Shamrock, was to retrieve a club he keeps near the drive-through window for protection. It's a wooden bludgeon with, you guessed it, a duct tape wrapped handle.

At approximately 1:15 pm, August 10 2007, Kasey G Kazee, 24, entered Shamrock Liquers at 13th and Pollard Rd, his head wrapped entirely in duct tape. He had left holes in the "disguise" for his eyes and mouth leaving him looking like a silver-colored mummy. Craig Miller, an employee stated that Kazee also had his shirt pulled up over his head, making him look very much like the "Beavus and Butthead" character "Cornholio."

According to the police, Kazee entered the store through the main entrance, walked up to the cash register and threatened bodily harm to the female clerk if she didn't give him money. She complied and Kazee turned and left. Miller, who has previously worked as a security guard and a bouncer, along with an unidentified customer, went after the suspect.

Miller took him down with a flying tackle near the Pollard Rd exit and Kazee's face hit the pavement. He also stated that he had punched the suspect in the groin several times and then he, the customer and several men that came running from the nearby Foodland store, held Kazee until the police arrived.

The arriving officers evidently were quite amused with Kazee's "diguise" commenting that they have seen a lot of them before from pantyhose to cardboard boxes, but never had they seen duct tape used.

Bill Steele stated that Friday's robbery was the first at the store since it's opening in 1982. Police didn't comment on how much cash Kazee had gotten but Steele stated that the register was only $15 short that day. It appears that most of his "take" was in change according to Steele and Miller stated, quarters went flying everywhere when he hit Kazee.

Kasey got a free ride to the police station, free booking photos with and without the duct tape and is lodged at the Boyd County Detention Center, charged with one count of first-degree robbery. As for grabbing the fifteen dollars....... that would have got him busfare and a few more rolls of tape maybe.

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