Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not so foxy

According to a recent report, Foxy Brown's arrest on Wednesday, August 15 2007, has added to her "legal woes." I believe that is a nice way of saying her life is becoming a public trainwreck as so many others have recently.

Brown, the 27 year-old rapper, was stopped in Mahwah NJ for talking on a handheld phone and for running a stop sign. The police found that the SUV she was driving had it's registration suspended and Brown, who's real name is Inga Marchand, gave the police a variation of her name and a birthdate that was off by a year.

It wasn't until a search for the name she had given turned up no record that she gave police her correct name and date of birth. The officers then discovered that her license had been suspended as well and she was taken to police headquarters. Brown was then issued seven tickets and told that she was to appear in municipal court in Mahwah on Sept 4.

This latest arrest comes right on the heels of her arrest in New York City's Brooklyn borough Tuesday, on suspicion of assaulting a neighbor. Police there state that the two women got into a fight over Brown blasting her car stereo too loud and when the two passed each other on the street a couple of days after the fight, it escalated. Brown allegedly tossed her BlackBerry device at the other woman, cutting her lip and knocking a tooth loose.

Brown is still on probation after guilty to assault in a 2004 dispute over paying for a manicure. These are far from her first run-ins with the law. Brown was first arrested in Jan 1997 for spitting on two hotel workers in North Carolina. She failed to appear in court, had a warrent issued for her and finally turned herself in that April. Brown received a 30-day suspended sentence and 80 hours of community service.

That didn't seem to make much of an impression on her, though. In 2000, she crashed her Range Rover in New York and was ticketed for driving while her license was suspended for two unpaid parking tickets. July 2002 found Brown arrested in Jamaica for fighting with a policewoman and after she failed to appear in court two days later, was informed that she would arrested if she returned to the island.

In March 2004, she allegedly attacked two manicurists in Manhatten over a $20 bill she refused to pay but she wasn't charged in the incident until 2005. Brown refused a misdemeanor plea and was sentenced to three years probation, anger management counseling and orders of protection were given to the two manicurists.

In Feb 2007, Brown was arrested in Broward County FL for an incident that occured in a beauty salon there. She refused to leave the salon when she had been told it was closing, threw a beauty product at an employee and spat on a man who called 911. When police found her in the parking lot, she resisted the officer's escort back to the store, they were forced to use a "take down maneuver" to gain control of her.

This led to a March 2007 guilty plea of leaving New York without permission which was in violation of her parole and later in the same month, Broward County Judge Joel Lazurus issued an arrest warrent for her failure to appear in court there in February.

Manhatten Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson told Brown in March, that her sentence for the parole violation would be the six month's of probation she was already serving. Jackson also warned Brown then that if there were anymore parole violations. "I am reserving the right to resentence you to jail for one year."

It would seem to be that all the probation, anger management counseling and courtroom visits, have done very little in helping Foxy Brown stop the impending trainwreck. Maybe she does need the better part of a year in jail to find the error of her ways and maybe some much needed common sense. She certainly would have plenty of time then to work on her "street cred," anger issues and write a lot of new music.

Update: posted Aug 22

Manhatten Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson is a woman who keeps her word and it seems that Foxy Brown will have a few nights in the cellblock to remember Jackson's promise. Last time she saw Brown in court she had reminded her about further parole violations and the consequences of that action.

Judge Jackson has ordered Brown remanded to state custody and oredered held in jail until her September 5 2007 court hearing after her latest two brushes with the law. That would be the consequences of her recent arrests. Not only will having some time in jail to think about her recent misadventures, Brown will at least be, for the moment, locked away from causing anymore harm in public and will certainly be able to attend her next appearance, since her past track record is poor there as well.

The New York Times has reported that Brown announced that she is getting married in September and that she is pregnant, after she was spotted shopping at a New York City Bed, Bath & Beyond recently. The local New York ABC station is reporting that she is three months pregnant.

I am wondering though, is bright orange considered a fall wedding color?

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