Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tag sales are a lot of work

Last week, Christy Newlin,45, of Waterford Township MI, was arraigned in two district courts and Monday, August 20 2007, she faces a preliminary examination. Sheriff Michael Bouchard began his investigation of Christy this summer but would not provide any specifics of the probe.

Bouchard did state that he receives anonymous tips from citizens regarding the criminal activities of residents and unfortunately, her alleged activity was true. Unfortunately, it also involved the wife of one of his own officers. Christy, married to sheriff's department veteren Randy Newlin, is free on bond after being arraigned on charges that include running a house of prostitution and using a computer to commit prostitution.

Assistant Prosecutor Edward Cibor has stated that investigators believe that her activities have occured over a 12 year period. She advertised that she was available three days a week for $250 an hour and appointments could be made through a Web site. He also stated that she met her customers at several suburban motels and told workers there that she was a pharmaceutical sales representitive who would have clients visiting her there.

Randy has not been disciplined according to Bouchard and no one else has been charged in the incidents. Just doing some simple math..... if she worked 4 hours a week, she brought in $1,000, less expenses, which certainly beats out all the work entailed with weekly tag sales. Randy though, it seems, was getting quite a bargain.

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