Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time for donuts

I found it hard to believe but on August 7 2007, four New York City NY traffic enforcement agents were arrested for writing dozens of falsified tickets. It seems that previous arrests over the years have done little to prevent this from happening within the "Big Apple."

The agents arrested were: Julian Fisher, 24, appointed in 2005, Gregory Baird, 56, appointed in 1978, Davey Griffin, 30, appointed in 2001,and Raheem King, 27, appointed in 2003. They are all alleged to have jotting down license plate and other information from parked cars on Manhatten streets during the morning, whether they were in violation or not. They later recorded the information during the day to make it appear as though they had been busy all day. The investigators believe that they wrote up fraudulent parking tickets to New York and out-of-state drivers on at least 46 occasions. New York City Police Department spokesman Paul Browne stated that those tickets would be voided.

The arrested agents are facing forgery and other criminal charges following an internal affairs investigation, according to Browne. It would seem that the plan to make a little extra time for possible donut runs, has maybe cost these four their jobs.

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