Sunday, August 12, 2007

They managed to do it again....

"I'm scared for any young females out there," stated the victim's mother.

It would seem that Maryland is developing a pattern of releasing pedofiles. Last month they released Mahamu Kanneh, 23 of Gaithersburg MD after they allegedly couldn't find an interpreter for him. This Friday, August 10 2007, they "accidently released a suspect in the armed sexual assault of a 9 year-old girl.

John Henry Palmont Jr, 27, of Capital Heights MD, was being held at Prince George's Hospital for treatment of the injuries he sustained during his arrest. Authorities state that around 6:15 pm an officer from the Department of Corrections went to release another prisoner and went to Palmont's room instead and he took the opportunity to escape. They added that they realized their mistake 15 minutes later and began an intensive search of the hospital.

Palmont had been arrested Thursday for a sexual assault that took place on August 3. Police report that the 9 year-old victim told them that the suspect knocked on her door around 1:30 pm and asked to use the phone. He then showed her a handgun and sexually assaulted the girl, who was home alone. The assault was reported later that evening.

The victim reported that she had seen the suspect before and that they both lived in the Lexington Court Apartments in the 5200 block of Marlboro Pike, Capital Heights. Police say that it took surveillence and canvassing of the area to find him as well as checking criminal records. The victim could only state that she recognized him as someone who hang out in the area, especially the pool but didn't know his name or where he lived. Palmont does have an extensive criminal record but that does not include any sexual offenses.

The victim's mother said that she is afraid for her daughter and finds the police mistake "ridiculous." I think it goes beyond that.......Palmont escaped from the hospital on Friday and they have yet to locate him. It shouldn't have been that difficult to find a man with a broken leg, cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder after they realized their "mistake," unless they are waiting for him to reappear in Philadelphia like Kanneh did. It is difficult enough to get men like this off the street in the first place, to set them loose on the streets again is lunacy.

of note: anyone with information contact the police @ 301- 772- 4908

Update: posted Aug 13

John Henri Palmont, 27, surrendered with his attorney at the Prince George's County Processing Office at 2pm today. He had been charged with first and second-degree sexual offense, first and second-degree assault and second degree rape when he had been arrested on Thursday.

We can only hope that the authorities will be able to keep track this time as to whether they are setting the correct man free.


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