Friday, August 31, 2007

Where do you want the lei?

Missouri prides itself on being the "Show Me" state and that evidently was exactly the plan on August 18 2007. It may have sounded like an excellent plan for distraction when they thought it up, unfortunately, it didn't prove to be that excellent in the end.

Store clerk Vicky Gaines knows that you can get just about anything at Fish's Quick Stop in De Soto, Missouri, where she works. Thanks to the 5:30 am robbery recently, she now knows you also have the chance for a free "big island" experience.

"Basically, a guy coming in, standing there naked and doing the hula," Gaines stated.

Gaines said that he was just standing there and asking her if she'd like some of "this." Evidently she didn't want any of it because she told the police that she had a naked man in her doorway with a mask on and could you come over here.

What she didn't know at first, was that the man was part of an enterprising trio. He was supposed to distract the clerk while another partner in crime was going to grab a case of beer in the back and run. The whole episode was over in less than a minute with both the beer toting buddy and the naked guy running to a waiting car. One customer, evidently not in awe of his equipment or "Dancing with the Stars" potential, followed and jotted down the license plate number.

The three men, two nineteen year-olds and one 23, were caught several days later by the police. They face charges of shoplifting, minor in possession of alcohol and indecent exposure.

Gaines stated she hadn't gotten anxious over it or even got a thrill out of the free show........ she said that it didn't bother her at all. After this, I can understand why she said she's not thrilled about anything anymore.... seen one naked hula, seen them all I suppose.

For the hula caught on the surveilance camera, go here.

Update: posted September 3

Brian Spangler has stepped forward to state that his recent naked hula dance was not an audition for "Dancing with the Stars" but rather........... a dare.

"My buddy's sitting there. We're all drunk, and he's like, 'I bet you 30 bucks you won't go in the station nude,'" stated Spangler.

His buddy had dared him to distract the clerk while he was nude so that they couls steal a case of beer. Spangler and his friend did get away with the case of beer but the authorities caught them several days later and they face misdemeanor charges.

"I will tell you this much, it won't be happening be happening again -- not with all publicity," stated Spangler.

I would point out to Lt Graham again............ you can get drunk enough to lose more than your pants.

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