Monday, August 27, 2007

I worked for free?

On April 16 2007, some of the strippers at Deja Vu in Nashville TN, became suspicious of a particular customer. In the line of work, it certainly pays to be careful of the customers.

This wasn't your ordinary drunk or creepy acting guy, Damon Armagost was in fact, quite a big spender that night. He had spent $600 which would be a good deal for the ladies if they hadn't begun to question how "real" his money was. They called the authorities and when the police arrived at the club, he had a ready answer for them. Armagost told the officers that the $600 was part of the $1,400 he had gotten when he sold gold coins to an unidentified person.

The U S Secret Service later determined that there had been other $100 bills passed throughout the country with the same serial number on them. A family member at Armagost's home told the authorities when they arrived, that there had been and image of a $100 bill on the computer there.

It was only after that evidence was discovered, that Armagost admitted to the authorities that he had in fact, downloaded the image from the internet and then printed off 14 copies. Unfortunately for him, when he printed his bills, he did not think to change the serial number or even use them in different locations.

On Friday, August 24, Armagost pleaded guilty to manufacturing and passing counterfeit currency and now faces a sentencing date of November 5. There was nothing mentioned as to whether he had to repay the strippers for the lapdances he received....... with real money this time.

One can only hope that he will learn from this arrest and not print all of the license plates in prison with identical numbers on them as well.


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