Saturday, August 4, 2007

Where's the dough?

It's always a good plan when you embark on a burglary, to think through all the possibilities. Some realize that doing the "time" isn't worth breaking the law, other's see the dollars that can be made and can't resist getting something for nothing.

In Texas recently, a few burglars seemed to have gotten nothing for nothing. The first would be the person who chose to break into a north Houston restaurant recently. They smashed through the glass door of the restaurant on West Rd around 1:30 am. Apparently they were drawn to the pretty colors and certainty of ready cash in the jukebox there. Evidently, they were also not up to date on the newest of technologies. The digital jukebox was empty, not because it had been secured for the evening , but rather because it was free to the patrons. Police are still looking for the robber.

A pair of men in Houston evidently did a bit more planning in there robbery. First they chose a place with a "likely" name, the Money Shop on Antoine. They then took the easy route for breaking in, they drove a pickup through the front glass. They even had thought to drive the "right" vehicle because they grabbed an ATM and loaded it into the truck's bed and took off with it. They didn't make much on their heist though, the store's owner said that particular machine was ..... empty.

It seems that making sure there is money where you are headed, is a good part of any robbery plan.

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