Saturday, September 15, 2007

Could just be the uniform

I have heard plenty of women talk about the Chippendales or more specifically, the dancers in uniform. I believe it had even gone as far back as the "Village People." The recent collection of arrests may well have something to do with the "lure" of that sharp dressed man in uniform as well.

On Tuesday, August 28 2007, Grand Rapids, Michigan City Manager Kurt Kimball confirmed that he had suspended some city police officers without pay and ordered a discharge hearing for them. He declined to comment on the exact nature of the suspensions and number of employees involved. The city's labor relations manager, George Childers though, stated that between four to six had been suspended.

It seems that a former female dispatcher who had worked at police headquarters, had sexual affairs with up to 10 employees. The four employees that had met with her after work hours remain on the job, while the other five officers and one employee who had sex with her in the police department face firing.

"I don't believe this is minor, there should be discipline. But this is a rule violation that does not rise to the level of termination," stated David Leonard, president of the Grand Rapids police Association.

On Thursday, August 30 2007, Jose Luis Vela, 42, the police chief in Alton TX, was ordered held on $200,000 bond after his arraignment. He was charged with two felony counts of sexual assault.

"This is the first time I've ever heard of a chief of police arrested for sexually assaulting his employees," stated Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

Vela is accused of performing oral sex on a male employee after the man passed out drunk at a party a year ago, in Vela's home in Mission TX. He is also accused of violating a different man with an object, after he had passed out at a party in July. Trevino declined to identify which of the department's 18 employees had been the victims.

Not to be left out, Washington D C's new Fire Chief, Dennis Rubin has asked that the police launch an investigation into area fire departments. He is concerned about a tip he had been given that one of the fire stations had been turned into a prostitution house.

Investigators and city officials wouldn't confirm any details but reports include allegations that there existed a prostitution ring using the name " D C Fems." That name is said to be a play on the acronym for the city's fire and emergency medical services department. They are reviewing whether there is truth to the allegation that female paramedics performed sex acts for money in the fire station bunkhouses.

Everyone involved is taking the allegations seriously, enough that the fire station's unofficial Web site has been taken down. Older posts that remain state that the fire station is the "busiest single house."

I am not sure if it is just the attraction of a person in uniform or simply more cases of adults behaving poorly. It seems fairly obvious to me that sex and the workplace aren't a good mix and if you are in the positions that these people are..... they should have known all that much more, what proper behavior is.


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