Sunday, September 23, 2007

Someone's seeing red

Wayne Johnson of Killingly CT looked across his yard as he was getting ready to head out to work in his landscaping business Friday, September 21 2007 and noticed the animals. He thought that the bull and steer had wandered over to graze on the 5 acres of grass behind his Wright Rd home at 8 am.

The steer continued to munch grass and watch as the bull took off running, not running away but instead, charged Johnson's house. He flipped a heavy picnic table, ripped off clapboards, rammed on of his cars and started to tear down part of the fence around his in-ground pool. At that point, Johnson, who used to keep dairy cows, went out to scare the bull away from the pool before that too could be damaged.

"I didn't know what he was saying. I have never heard of that. That was a first for me and I worked in Vermont for four years," stated Trooper R J Evangelista, the desk officer at Troop D, who took the call.

The bull was slamming the house so hard that Evangelista could hear it over the phone when Johnson called. The trooper called the Department of Agriculture where he was told that they needed to find the owner of the bull and have them calm it down. Now that is a real urban cowboy, officers in NYC recently roped a loose cow, evidently in Connecticut, you get "helpful" advise.

Fortunately for Johnson, one of the neighbors was familiar with the bull and came over with a large bag of grain. That seemed to catch the bull's attention and the neighbor and Johnson were able to lead the bull and steer back home. They didn't believe the bull was ill since it happily followed the grain sack back to it's farm. Johnson did state that he will have to get together with his neighbor to discuss repairing the damage.

As for an explaination for the home attack..... Johnson is at a loss for the cause, his house isn't painted red, it's kind of greyish blue he said.

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