Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'll make mine "take out"

The take out order Thursday, August 30 2007 at a Main St deli in Norwalk CT, may have been that much quicker out the door, thanks to the cook's fast spatula. His "order"evidently wasn't on the normal menu though.

The cook reported that she was behind the counter when the man walked in and asked her for a menu. He headed for the seating area and she brought him the menu he had asked for. Instead of staying seated though, he got up and followed her back to the counter area.

"At that point, he opened his pants and began to masturbate," stated Norwalk police spokesman Lt Paul Resnick.

The female cook then stated that she screamed, grabbed a hot spatula and slung an egg at the man. She nailed him on the front of his pants with said egg, although no one was specific as to whether it was raw or cooked, and the man decided to take him and his "friend" elsewhere.

She called her boss after the man had left the deli and the police were called at 4:08 pm when her boss arrived at the deli. Police state that they checked the area but didn't find the man who is described as a tall, clean-shaven black man in his twenties. He weighs about 200 pounds and has black, shoulder length hair in cornrows. He was wearing a dark baseball cap, black shirt and dark jeans, presumably with an egg stain , somewhere in the front.

I do understand that a deli would offer "take out" but this man evidently took it to an extreme......... and I would like to think that it was a hot egg she flung at him.

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