Friday, September 21, 2007

It wasn't my fault

"I bet you'll think twice about doing that again. If you would have stayed home you wouldn't be in this trouble," stated Warren Gundberg.

The call came into the Underwood MN that stated they needed to make a rescue from a well. When they arrived at the site of the dry, abandoned well, they realized it was going to a bit more difficult a rescue than they may have thought. It appeared that the animal had wandered away from it's farm and onto the boards that covered the well. When they broke, the poor thing had fallen in and was trapped.

Bruce Huseth, fire chief in Underwood, stated that the firefighters quickly realized that the donkey, which belongs to Warren Gundberg, couldn't just be lifted from the well. Landowner Bryan Nelson gave his approval for the firefighters to do whatever it took to free the donkey alive. He then watched as they used a tractor to pull away the dirt and then take the well apart, brick by brick last Thursday, September 13 2007.

Once the well wall had been taken down, they put a harness on the donkey and led it out to safety. Huseth stated that they have rescued cows that have fallen through the ice but the donkey rescue was a first for them. Gundberg got his donkey back, to happily munch grass again but cautioned it that it wouldn't have happened if it had stayed home in the first place.

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