Monday, September 10, 2007

Your new name is........

Music is said to calm the wild beasts and for years, many of us have seen the the dangerous cobra, rising to the careful flute tunes played onscreen. We also know the benefits from ballet training that can be gained by many sports figures.

In Deland FL, both of those worked to defuse what became a very difficult situation. On the quiet street of E Howry Ave, a frantic woman called police to report that she was afraid to get into her car after seeing a 5 foot-long boa constrictor crawl under the wheel well.

Deland Police Officer T J Perella, Sgt Chris Estes and Animal Control Officer Gary Thomas arrived on the scene to "save" both the snake and the distraught woman. Working as a team, Officer Petrella held the back part of the snake while Estes worked to free the snake's front end from the vehicle's coil springs. That plan was working fine until Estes freed the snake and for some reason, let go of the snake's head.

At that point, Petrella was now stuck holding a very uncooperative snake by the "wrong" end. According to the report, it was then that Petrella saw either the writing on the wall or heard the music because they state that he began a very dramatic dance on his tip toes while demanding that Estes do something about the other end.

This certainly had to be an award winning episode of "Dancing with the Stars," since ballet isn't usually one of the dance choices. At some point in Petrella's solo dance number, ACO Thomas decided to join in and evidently managed to cage the snake after a few bites to his hand, which may explain why he had waited so long to join the snake wrestling.

The snake is doing fine and Estes is keeping it temporarily in case the owner wants to claim it. The frantic woman I assume is fine, although I am not sure why she was frantic.... she was stuck outside the car, not inside where she could have starved to death after weeks of waiting for the snake to leave. Thomas now knows snakes do bite from that end when they feel someone is trying to "cut" into it's dance number and Petrella, I am sure now has a new name........ "Dances with Snake."

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