Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I told them to just leave him

It seems that it was an active night on Tuesday, September 18 2007 in Evansville IN. The firefighters called for police assistance after one "victim" tried to halt the rescue of the second.

Connie Deweese stated that she had known Alejandro Valencio for about eight months but had recently told him to stay away from her and her residence. She added that she had locked the doors but he had somehow gotten up onto the roof.

Not only had Valencio gotten onto the roof but he had attempted to go down her chimney and was now stuck in there. When the firefighters had decided that they couldn't pull him from the chimney, evidently Deweese wanted no part of their tearing out a wall to remove him.

"I told them to leave him in the chimney and let him die," stated

She did mean it though and the police were called after Deweese actively tried to block the rescue. Deweese was given citations for disorderly conduct and interfering with a firefighter and she added, she had dated a lot of psychos in her life but never one like Valencio. I would have to believe Deweese because Valencio returned to her house after his trip to the hospital. He was filmed by a local TV station while Deweese yelled at him to get off her porch and pelted him with bottles and a garbage can.

"Everyone does stupid things sometimes when they're drunk," stated Valencio.

I would think that maybe he will take the hint that she doesn't want to date him anymore..... just give her the check for the repairs and find someone you don't have to crawl down the chimney to date.

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