Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hop on into Jail

Nicki Jex, 27, of Braunstone England, stepped into a local bookmakers shop last year and he evidently had quick cash on his mind. It seems though when he went into the Ladbrokes shop in Leicester that December 27 2006, he wasn't looking to place a bet.

Surveillance cameras show him striding into the shop approximately 5 minutes before they closed for the day and he brandished a "firearm." The prosecution stated that the clerk immediately assumed that it was a firearm that he had hidden in a carrier bag. Jex demanded cash and the manager handed him him 613 pounds from the till and other monies.

The shop's remaining customer followed Jex out the door and at some point, while Wayne Vakani was observing Jex, he pointed the weapon at him as well and warned him to "back off." Vakani continued to watch Jex from a distance in an attempt to see where he went.

Jex then evidently visited a pub and bought drinks for his friends and tried to dispose of his clothing from that day. His hat was found with the help of Vakani's observations and DNA matched it to Jex. The distinctive coat he wore, he was unable to sell, although he had evidently tried very hard to do so.

He was eventually arrested for the crime and denied being involved but eventually admitted that it was him. On August 20 2007, a judge sentenced him to five years in jail for the armed robbery.

"It's right to record that you did not have a firearm but you pretended you had and intended that those you confronted believed that you did, and it must have been truly terrifying for them at the time," stated judge Philip Head.

It seems that Jex's girlfriend was also missing a "firearm" since the weapon that Jex had hidden in his carrier bag was her "Rampant Rabbit" vibrator. Jex's attorney stated that Jex was a qualified chef and engineer but had been fighting a battle against drug addiction and had a "fragile" state of mind at the time of the robbery.

While Jex got five years for armed robbery and Vakani was awarded 500 pounds by the court for his considerable courage, I have to wonder about Jex's girlfriend her state of mind. He borrowed her vibrator for a robbery and I am sure that it was seized as evidence at some some point, she too may have had a "fragile" state of mind.

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