Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maybe whining will help...

"Most of the negative attention was from being an attorney." he

Andrew H Speaker is back on his soapbox whining again it seems. He was released from National Jewish on July 26, his treatment successfully completed following surgery. He now takes 11 pills every morning at 8 am while supervised by public health officials who drop by on their way to work each day. Speaker will have to continue doing that for two years to make sure the TB is fully eradicated.

Now it seems that our globe trotting TB patient is still complaining that people anf life isn't fair enough for him. His newly begun personal injury law practice is floundering and his life is far from normal. Speaker states that his old clients have stuck with him but there have been no new clients since his "ordeal" began. He adds that the perception that he's a selfish jerk who thought nothing of exposing others to a deadly disease lingers.

Speaker also states that his father's practice has suffered as well. Theodore A Speaker has had a practice that has been based on referals from providers of prepaid legal services for 25 years. He claims that those companies have stopped referring clients to his father because of fears the potential clients have of contracting TB in the office he shares with his father.

Speaker is upset it seems because his doctors believe that he may have contracted TB while on a 2006 goodwill trip that distributed money and rice in Vietnam with the Rotary.

"The CDC told everyone that I only care about myself. They made statements they knew were wrong. They intentionally went after my family and out character," stated Speaker.

Speaker is still being sued in Canada, where he is defending himself pro se, since he had been quoted a cost from anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 to hire a Canadian attorney, money he doesn't have. Strange how it impacts Speaker when he is the one facing the attorney bill.

Personally, I don't understand how the possiblity of Speaker contracting TB on a goodwill trip makes it somehow better than just catching it while he was hanging out at a Starbucks. As I had stated in my previous post, Speaker knew before he went on his overseas trip, he had a rare multi drug resistant variety of TB and it matters little that they misdiagnosed him as having the most fatal and rare while he was away. He chose to travel after he had been advised not to and he seems to cling to the fact that they told him he wasn't contagious as the reason why he did go.

Speaker still claims that he did nothing wrong and is now whining that the "ordeal" has cost him his practice. I do understand why it has and why people view him as a selfish jerk...... he is a personal injury lawyer and people will hold him to a higher understanding of what legally he did than if he had been a manager at Wal-Mart. There may actually come a day when Speaker will stand up and admit that he was a selfish jerk for his choices and when he does, I am betting that more people will be forgiving of his actions.

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