Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I can drive, watch........

Many people have taken the role of designated driver and Yudith Garces, 22, of Bay Shore NY seemed to be doing that quite well September 2 2007. She was driving a Toyota Corolla with her rather drunk boyfriend in the passenger seat.

Her boyfriend Paulito Lorenzo, 21, of Brentwood NY, was arguing with her as they drove, determined to get her to understand that he wasn't too drunk to drive. Garces continued to drive until she parked the car on Merrill St and began to walk away.

Her choice to walk away from a drunken argument isn't all that bad a choice, there are many who have done the same. Lorenzo though, evidently in an attempt to either continue the "discussion" or prove to Garces that he was able to drive, got into the drivers seat. Instead of just driving up to his girlfriend, he decided to chase her down with the car.

Police state that witnesses saw Lorenzo not only chase her with the car, but hit her with it as she was running. After hitting her, he continued on into a fence and then, evidently decided that now was the time to try and run for it. Lorenzo was caught by police and Garces was taken to Southside Hospital with a broken right leg and abrasions to her arms.

Lorenzo, who should have tried a bit harder to listen to his girlfriend through his drunken haze, is now charged with assault and DWI. I would think that flowers and a card are not going to patch this little "slip-up" in his behavior with Garces.

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