Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just a small note

There are many things that make a life of crime difficult, lacking commonsense and brains would be near the top of the list. It would seem though, that lacking those makes it a bit easier for some to continue thinking they can continue being criminals.

I am not quite sure how this bunch managed to forget what would seem to be the most important part of their operation behind. Police in Frankfort, Germany stated that on Wednesday, August 29 2007, they linked a forgotten kilo of heroin, worth aproximately $60,000, with it's former owners. The kilo was found hidden in the first aid box of a rented car when cleaners were getting it ready for sale.

The authorities used the rental companies computer records to track down the "drug gang." The two Poles and a German had rented the car earlier this year and it seems, grabbed their belongings and forgot the drugs when they returned the car. The trio wasn't that difficult to find either, since they have been sitting in a German jail since April when they were caught trying to smuggle in 135 grams of heroin from the Netherlands.

They may want to make a few short notes if there is a next time for criminal activity........ designate someone to actually keep track of the drugs and if in doubt, check the rental for "forgotten" items one last time.

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