Saturday, September 15, 2007

Times are a changin'

It would seem that times are changing and technologies expanding quicker than some can keep up. Almost everyday now, there is some new law in place or the public's perceptions are narrowed.

On August 27 2007, three women, ranging from the age of 22 to 36, confronted that reality when they were hit with criminal charges on Gulf Beach, Milford,CT. Evidently, it is no longer acceptable these days, to remove your bathing suit to "brush of the sand". They were all cited for breach of peace and due to appear, clothed I assume, in Milford Superior Court on Sept 18. I remember a time when most young men would have enjoyed that "breach" at the beach, for all it was worth.

As for technology, it seems that the children of this generation will miss out on the joys of prank calls. Things like Caller ID make a call like that difficult and not as much fun as the old rotary dial and random choice of a phone number from the local phone book.

Wilfredo Rivera, 18, has gotten to learn that lesson the hard way though. He was charged along with several other teens with over the phone harassment, including death threats to his former high school football coach. This September, he was placed on two years probation and will have a clean record if he stays out of trouble during that time.

I would have thought, Rivera would have been a bit more bright, with all the technology kids grow up with these days. I even know, if I need something set on a new gadget, I ask a twelve year-old.

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