Monday, September 17, 2007

We love NY

The city officials and fish experts state that they have no idea why they have seem to have become the popular destination recently. It seems that this Saturday, September 15 2007, they were once again visited by an ocean friend.

For the second time in as many weeks, a thresher shark had beached itself on Rockaway Beach NY, this time near Beach 55th St. The 3 to 6 foot shark was found on an empty stretch of beach on a cool day and a park manager and police officers again, gently pushed it back to sea. This shark didn't make a commotion or startle swimmers and it was reported to have been last seen, swimming away.

Hans Walters, New York Aquarium shark researcher, stated that sharks rarely beach themselves but he is unsure if this is just a coincidence. Officials stated that they don't believe that there are any environmental causes to blame for the beachings.

I have to wonder though, it is New York City and both sharks tried out the same stretch of beach.......... could it be listed on a shark tourist guide now available to them or are they just trying to enjoy the "Big Apple"?

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