Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They work holidays?

Most everyone is very familiar with the newscasts each major holiday.... the police will be out in force. Evidently, one truck driver in New York City didn't pay that much attention on Labor day.

MTA Bridge and Tunnel policemen Dan Houston and Dan Reicher noticed a truck crossing the Whitestone Bridge with what looked to be an unstable load. They pulled over the driver, Errol Samuel, 41, of Amityville Long Island at approximately 12:30 am. After questioning him, they asked to see his cargo of palletized shredded coconut.

It seems though that Samuel had more than just the coconut on his truck. The officers discovered seven bricks of marijuana at the foot of the rig's rear door. The 210 pounds of marijuana would have been worth and estimated $300,000 on the street but it now seems as though it will be worth possibly a couple of years for Mr Samuel.

It would seem that they really do mean it when they state that they will be out in force.

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