Saturday, September 22, 2007

It was pretty ugly

According to reports, motorists traveling the Southern California highways are used to viewing as much a variety of roadside debris as New Yorkers. What is alongside the Hollywood Freeway though, isn't the ordinary, clothing, luggage or furniture remnents.

Patrick Richardson, 45, had gotten an oversized load permit from the California Department of Transportation and on Saturday, September 15 2007, set out to move his house from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita. For some reason, he decided not to use the authorized Santa Monica - San Diego - Golden State freeways route for his house towing. He chose instead to head through downtown Los Angeles and then onto the Hollywood Freeway.

Cailfornia Highway Patrol Officer Jason McCutcheon stated that the wheels started to fall off while Richardson was in the downtown area. Richardson made some repairs to it and he was off and rolling again, house in tow. If he thought his trouble was over, it wasn't, as the roof of the house struck an overpass and he was forced to pull over.

The authorities towed the house from it's location in the Cahuenga Pass, which seperates Hollwood from the San Fernando Valley, to a more roomy shoulder near the Hollywood Bowl. It will have to sit there, surrounded by orange cones, until Richardson can safely move it again. Caltrans spokeswoman Maria Raptis stated that the house is in bad shape but since there is no definate rule as to how long it can sit there, it will stay indefinately.

Evidently, having your house parked alongside a freeway doesn't prevent the local graffiti artists from using it as a canvas....... it does though, give you a great view of the current traffic conditions.

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